Welcome to Miss Tech!

Welcome to Miss Tech podcast, a podcast for women looking to change careers and women who are looking for more information on advancing their careers in the tech industry.

Why are we doing this podcast? 

Because we are obsessed with talking, podcasts, and learning more coding skills.

How is this different from all of the other resources out there?

This will have a lot of similar information to wonderful resources like Women Who Code, Girls Who Code, Black Girls Code, etc., the difference is that we are a podcast! As women who love getting information from listening sources, we want to create a podcast where you can simultaneously get information, be inspired and get connected to a plethora of wonderful women in the tech industry.

Why is the podcast only coming out once every three weeks? 

For now that’s all we have the time and budget for. We are hoping that as the show grows so will the podcasts we are able to produce.

How can you contribute? 

We are an independent podcast that would love to hear your feedback so we can make the podcast better and we can grow with you. If you are interested in being a guest, hosting a segment, asking a question, donating, or anything else you would like to add, please go to our contact page and get in touch!

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