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Episode 2: Emily Chen

In this special one-on-one episode, Nicole interviews Emily Chen from Truss, in SF discussing what it’s been like for her changing careers, Emily’s experience at a code Bootcamp in Barcelona, and how to master office life at your new gig.

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Episode 1: Bridget Quigg

In our first ever episode of MissTech, Nicole and Cassi kick off this inaugural lady-tech podcast (for those who want to get into tech) with: Future bootcamps! Articles about women in tech! And an awesome chat with our friend Bridget Quigg who talks with us about the ups and downs of her life in the tech world as a content marketer.

  • Bridget Quigg Bridget Quigg graduated from Stanford University with a degree in English and has worked as content marketer at startups for more than 12 years. Besides holding senior positions at PayScale and Socrata, Bridget worked most recently as the Director of Content at Simply Measured, managing an in-house creative marketing team.

  • Emily Chen Emily is a software engineer at Truss, a team of diverse talent brought together by their mutual love for a challenge. After graduating, she tried everything from accounting and customer support to selling hats with ears at anime conventions. In 2014, she attended Ironhack coding bootcamp in Barcelona and has been praised as an “effective Javascript evangelist.” Since graduation, she has worked to help others from non-traditional backgrounds break into tech.

  • Jake Englund Jake graduated from the University of Washington magna cum laude in 2009, degree in Computer Science & Statistics. After working at companies including Google and Wizards of the Coast, Jake wanted to do more to help engage more young women in STEM and transform culture of the tech industry to be more inclusive

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